Progetto Life+ AGRICARE Innovative Green Farming

Life Agricare Introduction

Agriculture plays a fundamental role in reducing global pollution and safeguarding the environment. On a global level, it is estimated that from 1850 to today approximately 1/3 of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere derive from soil cultivation. On a European level the agri-food industry affects 45% of the EU community territory and employs 46 million people (almost 5% of the population), representing 6% of the PIL*.
A community program for reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere cannot ignore the agricultural sector. Introducing new technologies and techniques may reduce the impact that agriculture has on the environment, decreasing energy use and supporting accumulation of carbon in the soil.
LIFE AGRICARE (LIFE13 ENV/ IT/000583) project has been studied to confront technologies and techniques to reduce agricultural CO2 emissions, solutions which can change farming methods.