Progetto Life+ AGRICARE Innovative Green Farming

Life Agricare Project

The LIFE-AGRICARE (LIFE13 ENV/IT/0583) Project objective is to demonstrate how the application of advanced techniques in precision farming, combined with different types of no-till farming, can have an important effect in terms of reducing greenhouse gases and soil protection.

The project regards 4 different rotational crops (maize, soybean, canola, wheat) and 4 different cultivation techniques (conventional, minimum tillage, strip tillage and notill), at the pilot company Veneto Agricoltura in ValleVecchia (Venice, IT).

The specific objectives of the project are:
1) Verify and demonstrate the effective potential of the precision farming techniques in terms of energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction.
2) Analyze the effi ciency of the machines used, enhanced by electronic precision farming devices which reduce CO2 emissions.
3) Examine the suitable scenarios for the diffusion of such techniques in different Italian agricultural contexts.
4) Assess the threshold of economic convenience and environmental benefi ts.
5) Assess through analytical models based on “ground, machine, climate” data and Life Cycle analysis (LCA) the long term effects of the experimented technologies introduced.
6) Diffuse what examined and proven by tests, not only in the pilote site, to encourage the diffusion of such technologies and techniques.